Complete best car emergency kit for everyone + Add-on essentials for Winter emergency car kit

What’s in my emergency car kit?
Best roadside emergency kit DIY. A guide for new drivers and seasoned car owners to make one of the best car accessories to have.
Emergencies can happen to anyone at the least expected time. This is no different when you are driving in your vehicle. From flat tires, breakdowns to roadside emergencies you need to be prepared or it could cost you or your families lives.

To help you be ready for this we’ve created this video as a car survival kit list and a quick guide for you to use. Watch and find out why we included each item plus checkout the winter car kit add-ons section too!

Prep for roadside emergencies or prepare for your road trip by referring to it anytime so you can create or update your own Vehicle Emergency Kit. If you already have an emergency car kit, consider adding any items you don’t have. You can also consider making one for a loved one or just send them a link to this video too! – Thanks for your support.

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We have an extensive list for our car survival kit and if you are interested in buying some of the items we talked about, checkout the links further below.

Click & skip to the chapter to watch:
00:00 – Intro (Vehicle emergency kit)
00:48 – Roadside emergency kit Overview
01:09 – Glove Box items for car emergency kit
03:29 – Trunk / Boot items for car emergency kit
11:04 – Important items to Check
12:14 – Winter car emergency kit Add-ons

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