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Survival Shovel Vs. 100 Year Old Shovel (AKA Cold Steel Spetsnaz Special Forces Shovel) | Vs. Ep.#2

This 100-year-old shovel design has been the standard in excellence and a top pick for Spetsnaz Special Forces Shovel since WW2. Not to mention winning me half $1 Million Dollars On History Channel survival show Alone Season 3. But there’s a new player in town, the next evolution in shovels. The survival shovel from IUNIO. Survival shovels aren’t a new thing entirely But IUNIO Has taking it to a whole new level. Their survival Shovels And other tools are all interchangeable, giving you the ability to build and customize your own survival shovel, axe, or even walking stick from their interchangeable pieces. So today we’re going to pick this 100-year-old Shovel Design Against Today’s most modern survival shovel.

IUNIO Survival shovels

Versus Playlist For more fun Video in this series !!!

Fowler’s Signature Cold Steel Shovel

Fowler’s Maine Wilderness living Challenge Playlist Start the series form the Beginning

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