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3 brutal self defense counters to block a punch. (Wow!)

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3 ultra-brutal self defense counters to block a punch. (Wow!)
3 Ways to Block Any Punch
Blocking a punch in a street fight is essential to defend yourself and avoid getting injured. Here are some basic principles and techniques to help you block a punch effectively:

Keep your hands up: The most fundamental aspect of defense in any fight is to keep your hands up to protect your face and head. Position your hands close to your face, with your palms facing you and your fingers slightly apart. This “guard” position provides a good starting point for blocking punches.

Parry: A parry involves using your hand to deflect an incoming punch. To do this, when you see a punch coming, use your lead hand (the hand closest to your opponent) to swipe the incoming punch to the side. Make sure to maintain good balance while doing this.

Cover and block: Another effective method is to “cover” your head and face with your hands, creating a barrier against punches. Keep your elbows close to your body and your hands protecting your face. If a punch is incoming, you can tighten your guard to absorb the blow.

Bob and weave: Instead of directly blocking a punch, you can also use footwork to evade punches. Move your head and upper body side to side, bobbing and weaving to make it difficult for your opponent to land clean punches. This technique can be combined with blocking for better defense.

Use your elbows: Your elbows can be used as a solid defense against body shots. If you anticipate a body punch, tuck your elbows in to protect your ribs and solar plexus.

Counterpunch: After successfully blocking or evading a punch, look for an opportunity to counterpunch. This can catch your opponent off guard and provide you with an advantage.

Move out of range: In a street fight, the best way to avoid getting hit is to maintain distance and use footwork to get out of the attacker’s range. Once you’re out of range, you can create an opportunity to escape or seek help.

Remember, the key to effective punch blocking is practice and maintaining a calm demeanor under the stress of a street fight. It’s crucial to prioritize your safety and try to avoid confrontation whenever possible. Engaging in physical altercations should be a last resort, and you should seek to de-escalate the situation and escape if you can. If you feel threatened, contact law enforcement or seek help from a bystander before attempting any self-defense techniques.

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