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Daily Driver Loadout – FJ Cruiser | Is A Truck Gun And Full Kit All You Need?

A common misconception is that by having a full-kit loadout in your vehicle, you’re ready for everything. In reality, that only makes you equipped for very specific situations that aren’t likely to occur. So if you’re going to have that, why not put as much, if not more effort into having the tools and ability to handle likely scenarios you could come across in your daily travels? In this video, Drew goes through everything he packs in his FJ Cruiser for daily travels as well as extended trips and how to organize your gear.

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00:00 Delusions of Grandeur
01:41 Everyday vs Someday
03:00 Truck Gun & Full Kit
08:15 Medical Kit
13:06 Back Hatch Tools
16:12 Don’t Be That Guy
18:17 Extra Clothing
22:18 Sustainment Gear
28:32 Vehicular Tools
40:29 Glove Box & Console

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