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Lost WINTER Survival Challenge (NO Food, NO Water, NO Shelter!) | Knife, Saw, Axe, Wire, Rope

I test my survival skills in the Canadian forest to survive with just the things I carry in my small backpack. I’ll survive with just a knife, saw, axe, rope, and some wire! Ocoopa Hand Warmer:

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We will make a primitive friction fire with a cedar spindle and a cedar base or hearth board. I’ll try to shoot or snare grouse or snowshoe hare and cook it over an open fire and build a shelter with materials I find in the woods. I’ll build a simple lean-to shelter with sticks and spruce or balsam bows, and make an epic fire to cook wild edibles I find in the forest.

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The winter offers sparse resources generally, as most things have either died off, or been burred by the snow. Deer have moved off to winter yarding areas, and bears are deep asleep in their dense. However, some small game still lurks around trying to stay away from frostbite and carry on with the rest of the living.

Thankfully there is plenty of snow to make water, but first a fire is needed to survive as eating snow cools the body and is difficult on the body’s system. Thankfully we have a small billy can or steel water pot for boiling water.

Primitive challenge with a few simple basic tools. I will show you how to start a fire using primitive techniques and cook a wild grouse over an open fire. Survival is all about making the best of a bad situation. Staying warm and dry is the key to staying alive. After survival is taken care of, it’s all about making your situation even better. Finding food, water, and making a shelter is a must to create ultimate survival comfort. I use a saw and basic tools to make a bushcrafter shelter in the Canadian forest using materials around us like tree branches and dried grass.

I attempt a friction fire using primitive technology – a cedar spindle, hearth board, and some birch bark and cedar shavings for a tinder bundle. Can I get a fire lite in tough conditions?

Can you eat snow? Find out!

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