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How to Use a Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense

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There are many tools that can be used for self defense purposes. There’s pepper spray, key chains, brass knuckles, kubotan, fighting sticks, streetwise expandable stun gun baton and much more.

One great self-defense tool is the tactical flashlight. In this video, we demonstrate how it can be used at your advantage against a knife attacker.

It could perhaps be a home invasion situation, where you have a couple seconds to react and grab a tactical flashlight to prevent the attacker from coming at you.

A powerful tactical flashlight, can temporarily blind the attacker to give you a couple of extra seconds to strike him or escape quickly.

You can also use a self defense flashlight to strike your attacker, it’s kind of like an extension of your arm and a metal flashlight can do a lot of damage in a close quarter range. It can be used a pressure point tool or even as a powerful striking tool.

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