Ultimate Coffee Can Survival Kit!

You will not believe the quality Survival Gear inside this small 10 ounce (dry goods) (#2.5) can!
1) The lid must close!
2) It must contain at least one Item Per 7 Priorities of Survival!
3) It must be Small Enough to Carry One-Handed!
4)And it MUST have a Second Container inside!

Check out this Survival Kit in a Coffee Can!

Fun Fact: At 10 ounces (Dry Goods) this coffee can has 62.83 cubic inches of space which is equivalent to 1 Liter! (Formula: Volume of Cylinder = 3.14*cylinder radius squared*cylinder height)

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For Faster Search: scroll these links for gear! Disclaimer: There is no added cost to you, I receive a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Small Petzel Headlamp:

Suunto A-10 Compass:

Orange 55 gallon Drum Liner:

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool:

Survival Whistle Yellow Color High Vis:

Fresnel Lens:

Orange Match Safe High Vis:

Signal Mirror:

Mylar Blanket:

Red Survival Paracord:

Ferro Rod:

Survival Candle Long Burn Time:

Water Purification Tablets:

Survival Fishing Kit:

Kind Energy Bars:

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