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Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 6 – Strategy in a Physical Attack

Welcome to Lesson #6 in your Self-Defense Basics Course!

Strategy in a physical attack is crucial! Especially if you’re smaller, weaker, or outnumbered. In this lesson, let’s discuss a few basic principles to keep in mind when you’re under attack.

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Some thoughts from Lesson #6…

When should you fight back? Nobody can tell you that! The choice is yours and yours alone. No two self-defense situations are exactly the same and even if they were, nobody is you.

Having said that, there are three situations when I would highly recommend that you do choose to fight back–

First, if anybody tries to tie you up. That takes away your option to fight back.

Second, if the bad guy tries to move you to a “secondary location”. If you’re going to fight back, make a stand where you’re standing.

Third, as a rule, the more attackers you face, the less effective your words are going to be. So, if you find yourself backing away from multiple bad guys, do something to prepare, because if you wait, it’s too late.

Okay. You can’t run, you can’t talk, and you decide to fight back…let’s talk strategy. Here are three strategies to keep in mind in our self-defense project for facing a physical attack.

Strategy number one—play your game, not the bad guy’s.
The bad guy has a plan. He picked you because he believes that you are going to play along with his plan. Don’t!

Anything you can do that doesn’t fit into his vision is going to disrupt his rhythm, shake his confidence, and make it more difficult to carry out his plan.

Strategy number two—attack, don’t defend. Nobody can block and dodge an attack forever. The longer you spend trying, the more chances the bad guy gets to hurt you.

Your best chance of taking control in a physical attack is to stop thinking, “Oh, no! What is he doing?” to “Okay. Here’s what I’m going to do.”

Strategy number three— attack the problem, not the person. Ideally, you will not take a physical attack personally. If you allow yourself to get upset, angry, or scared, you will not be functioning at your most efficient or effective level.

The ultimate goal is to approach a physical attack as a problem that needs to be solved, not a battle of personalities. It’s crucial to recognize what kind of situation you’re in. Do you just need to get to the door or do you need to put the bad guy on the floor?

Make your plan to fight back… and do it!

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Keep fighting for a happy life! 🙂


WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

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