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How to Build a Simple Emergency Brick Cook Stove

This is NOT for permanent use, or even close. It is for an emergency when you are using only what you can find and put together “ad hoc” in a quick moment. It is simple but could easily feel complicated if you were doing it under pressure in a crisis. So go outside and play with some old bricks in the back yard. Cook a quick meal and enjoy the simple adventure of it….(leave your cell phone inside the house and it will become even more enjoyable. I promise! :)) This is just one of many ways to make emergency preparedness fun. Please use caution, use only dry bricks, and know there is risk involved with fire.

Places to find free bricks: Facebook Marketplace,,, old construction sites, back behind the shed 🙂

Small Grill:

A Video on how to build a brick pizza oven:

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