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FOOD CRISIS – Sainsbury's Supermarket Food Shop – Cost of Living Crisis Food Shortages – UK Preppers

Lauryn Garbutt is a small channel based in London. Creating videos about family life, lifestyle, Life in London, Travel, Pets and Food Shops.

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Our Food Shop videos are about what’s currently available in supermarkets and grocery stores.

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In our shopping vlogs we discover the food shortages, the empty shelves, food price hikes aka inflation. The hardship of the Cost of Living Crisis here in the UK and around the globe. The Food Crisis is affecting many families so stock up as much food as possible to prep for the future.

On this channel, I like to watch fellow preppers here in the UK and around the world. If you’re interested I would recommend Alaska Prepper, Goshen Prepping, Neil McCoy Ward, funkyprepper, Prime of Midlife and Jamerrill Stewart.

As for our Lifestyle Content, we love to vlog our family memories, travel vlogs, our cat Archie and other shopping trips for homeware. We also love shopping on Temu, So I have a Temu Affiliation Link for discounts & much more Shop and Download App :

Affiliate Code: afh39655

FTC Guidelines : This is not a sponsored video

Watch Food Shop Playlist :

Filmed on OPPO Find X3 Pro
Edited on CapCut

My favourite lifestyle creators are Gemma Louise Miles, Freya Farrington, Lydia Elise Millen and XO Macenna. If you have not heard of these channels, go take a look and subscribe while subscribing to this channel too!

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We also like to visit other supermarkets here in the UK such as Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Iceland, Farmfoods, Marks & Spencers. I do my weekly food shop in Tesco and I do a monthly online shop with Ocado for their organic produce and M&S range. The UK supermarkets stock a good variety of organic food from British Farmers and the Global Food Market. I like going to International supermarkets here in London for Asian groceries. There are many Turkish, Indian and Pakistani grocery stores in the area. Desi Shops can have cheaper prices than the supermarket, they also provide items generally not available in big box stores. Also when Panic Buying happens in cities and the shelves are cleared, the Asian supermarket remains fully stocked, just a little tip!

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