Building a $100 AMAZON Survival Kit

It is very difficult to build a quality survival kit for $100. I embraced the $100 Amazon survival challenge. Can I survive with a $100 Amazon survival kit? While shopping on Amazon, Jason attempts to do just that. At that price range compromises have to be made not just on quality but also the overall number of items you can include in your gear list.

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Here is Jason’s shopping list:

Wise Owl Tarp $25.95
Yoga Mat $14.99
8x Bic Lighters $10.35
Stanley Pot $17.16
Mora Knife $13.71
Everest Pack $18.49

Total $100.65

You can purchase a premade survival kit for $100 or less but in our experience, it will be mostly junk with a few useful items. You can also purchase a high quality kit but you will pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for it.

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