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Matthew Mcconaughey Speaks At White House News Briefing | Prepper News

Matthew Mcconaughey Speaks At White House News Briefing | Prepper News
Wow, what do you think of this speech? (Full Video of speech included)

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This is the speech that Matthew McConaughey delivered today at the White House news briefing, Matthew McConaughey speech at the White House was pretty dramatic, many people that are preppers and like to prep for SHTF like news regarding this topic, prepping news is news that will affect the prepper, and this one has to do with gun news and 2022 gun control acts and other things with this type of thing coming into action you might want to consider stocking up on now, consider it a prepping tip,

Matthew McConaughey delivered a speech today for the White House, to the world talking about policies that need to be taken for new gun control measures, stuff to keep bad people off the streets, stuff to keep guns out of bad peoples hands, proper gun control and gun etiquette is important for people he wants to persuade public to consider new gun laws, without affecting our Second Amendment

This could be considered something that someone would want to watch if they like economic updates and interesting news, this news story has got everyone listening, and is very popular with Matthew McConaughey the actor presenting the alarming incident that happened in Texas, it is where Matthew McConaughey lives or was raised when he was younger, so this incident is very close to his heart, he talks about what happened in the Texas incident and it was very Sad

You never know when SHTF will happen and in Texas that was an SHTF situation that left really bad news to everyone, that should not happen anymore is what Matthew McConaughey says and some new gun gun control measures could help keep guns out of the hands of people that should not have them

Hunters and self protection people need to have a measure of protection, but not those who violate the law and cause tragic situations like this, I believe Matthew McConaughey’s news release today was sincere and he does not want guns in the hands of bad people

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