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Thunderdome NEWS Weekly wrap up. Grab your coffee And join us, Saturday morning live stream.

Grab your coffee and let’s go over the news that has been rolling out all week. I thought it was the great reset. It looks like it’s going to be the great under Unraveling first.

👇 there 8 weeks out… if you want one order it now .
The freeze dryer link

👇water filter & life straw
Here are some tips and tricks that men Stacey have learned along the way. Updates on silver and gold prices. And much more.
Here’s a link to Patriots Supply I have Been very impressed with their products

Looking to buy gold and silver or roll over your IRA/401K into precious metals, call Stacey @ (318) 564-5823 she is a broker for Miles Franklin

If you would like to share anything you see or know about with the community.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor! I’m a welder with life & investment experience. I hope to bring value to your life! Do your own research!!!
If you would like to share anything you see or know about – email

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