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How to Grow Greens Indoors All Year Long

We live in a crazy world, and anything that you can do to produce even a small amount of the food you eat can be a great benefit to your food security. Growing greens inside your home is one way to do just that.

You can grow lettuce and other greens inside your home year-round. It is incredibly simple to grow lettuce and other nutritious greens on a shelf or countertop in your home. You need inexpensive full-spectrum lights, quality potting soil, seeds, and water.

In this video, I will show you how we have started to grow greens for our family on a simple set of shelves we purchased at the hardware store, along with some inexpensive shop lights.

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How to Grow Fresh Greens Inside Your Home All Year Long

For more details about our grow light system visit:

Inexpensive Grow Lights to Jump Start Your Garden

We learned a lot about the grow light system from Tom Bartels. You can learn more about his gardening methods in our post,
Biointensive Victory Gardens: Higher Yields with Less Work

You can watch Tom’s free video workshop at

Supplies to create your own inexpensive grow lights made from shop lights:

We started with an indoor/outdoor 5-tier wire shelving unit from Home Depot. I liked this one because it would be easy to hang the lights from and I could adjust the shelves to the height that I want them to be.

Trinity 5-Tier Indoor or Outdoor Wire Shelf –

These are the inexpensive lights that we created to work as grow lights. We purchased the shop lights from Home Depot online so that we didn’t have to go out in the crowd.

Fluorescent Residential Shop Light –

Grow lights should be at least 2500 lumens and between 5000K to 6500K. Home Depot wouldn’t deliver the light bulbs to our home so we purchased them from Amazon

We also purchased a surge protector – and to simplify things you may want to put the system on a timer using a device like this one

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