Survival Gardening

The Winner Is …. SURVIVAL GARDEN SEEDS Homesteader Package 50 pkgs

The WINNER Of the SURVIVAL GARDEN SEEDS Homesteader Package IS…..
50 packages of garden seeds
▶▬Survival Garden SEEDS

▶▬ PODCAST is now available 3 WAYS
1. Our website
2. On your favorite podcast platforms like Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio, and about 10 more.
3. If you want to go directly to the podcast use this LINK:

▶ ▬ EMAIL ▬
To contact me via email,
Deep South Homestead
P.O. Box 462
Wiggins, MS. 39577

▶▬ PAYPAL account:▬

(If you wish to support projects on our homestead, use this account)

▶ FACEBOOK Page: Deep South Homestead
▶ INSTAGRAM: Deep South Homestead
▶ Wanda’s channel CRAZY DAZES:

▶ Danny’s BIBLE channel — ALL GOD’S CHILDREN

▶ETSY Store
ENGLISH PEA MANUAL books written by Danny.
These books show how to plant, grow, harvest, cook and preserve these vegetables. The books include pictures from Deep South gardens that show step by step.
▶▬ COOKBOOK compiled by Wanda
From Garden to Pantry to Table in the Deep South Kitchen

PORCH TIME tshirts and CRAZY DAZES Tshirts are available too.

▶▬ Patreon: All proceeds here goes to our building project — CANDY CORN CABIN — Our Off Grid Cabin

▶▬ Channel Art by Felisha:

*******Some of my links below are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. 🙂 Thanks for helping our homestead.
▶▬ AMAZON LINK: ▬ You shop for ALL your Amazon needs and we receive a small commision.

(affiliate link*). #commisionsearned

▶▬ HIGH TUNNEL KITS Greenhouse KITS promo code: DeepSouth This is a 10% discount

▶▬ Water Filtration System or LONG TERM FOOD STORAGE: Alexa Pure
MY Patriot Supply
Stainless Spigot:

▶▬ Harvest Right Freeze Dryer:

▶▬ EMP Shield

▶Visit HOSS TOOL (affiliate link): For ALL your Garden Tools and Seeds

▶ Visit GreenStalk Vertical Planters __ You get $10 off you order using our link. code word Deepsouth

▶▬ Renogy Solar Panel Kit 10% discount Promo code: DeepSouthHomestead
▶▬ *** CANNING LIDS***
promo code DEEPSOUTH10
▶▬Survival Garden SEEDS
▶▬ Remington Solar Greenhouses: 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 Financing Available

▶Danny and Wanda’s KUJO Yardwear SHOES promo code DeepSouth for 10% off
▶▬Herbal Coffee

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