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Prepper Series – How to Dry Can Beans and Rice (This controls bugs and larvae in food stores)

The moisture will re-absorb in a few hours after cooling!
UPDATE: March 21, 2020
Our Little Homestead!
1.) I DID BUY a pair of silicone gloves and they work great! Thanks for the 1000 comments on best gloves to buy for heat canning!
2.) Hand in jar comments: Please STOP and read — This method is not about ‘sterilization’ as nothing is sterile unless it goes through ‘time, steam and pressure’, like a pressure canner or hospital auto-clave.
3.) Note: This video is about killing larvae that can attack your pantry food stores.
4.) Other methods you may try: You can freeze dry goods for 3-6 days as well, not killing it for seed. Heat does kill the seed for planthing later on…don’t use this method if you are planning to plant the dry goods in a garden later. Use the O2s or vacuum sealer for using as seed.
5.) These dry goods will go through the oven after you TOUCHED the jars or product … you can’t have water left in the jars and you MUST check for this … many did not do this step and regretted it, as moisture built up in their jars and their product turned to mush on top
6.) SOME MOISTURE is okay after taking out of oven, product will re-absorb the moisture. But if moisture is still in jar after cooling, open jar and let product air dry and vacuum seal. You did the job of killing the larva. Seal in a way you would like.
7.) I used that jar of beans and I’m still standing! LOL!
So to answer it in short.
Be clean.
My hands used clorox wipes all over the kitchen.
And, remember, if were not for germs, we’d all be dead!
Some germs you don’t want to kill. We have germs on us that keep us alive and fight off the bad bacteria.
You don’t want to kill that. So, touching the beans is not valid here.
The beans were dirty off the combines and factory belts, into the semis, and onto store shelf before I got it…
it’s why we pressure can food in cans and jars…
The best you can hope for in oven DRY GOODS canning to store for long-term is SANITIZED or CLEAN situation with no larva left alive to breed in your pantry.
I hope this makes sense.
I could put a mouse in a canning jar and pressure can it…and I could eat it. The most you can do in oven canning is to KILL IT! but the meat would still rot inside the jar if not pressure canned correctly. Gross yes, but true.

Thank you for your questions! God Bless and be safe!
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With over a million views and thousands of comments, however, you can clearly see that I can no longer keep answering the same questions over and over again, so I put the most asked questions in the section above.
Again, stay calm and live on!
Janie & John

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