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Actor Eugene “Gene” Allen Hackman was born January 30, 1930.

Retired actor Eugene “Gene” Allen Hackman was born January 30, 1930. He retired from acting, because of stress issues.

January 30th is also the birthday of historian Barbara Tuchman (born 1912, died February 6, 1989). She wrote some very engaging history books.

And January 30th, 1925 was the birthday of Douglas Engelbart, who invented the computer mouse.

Sales of the latest edition of the SurvivalBlog Archive waterproof USB stick have been more rapid than anticipated.  I now expect them to sell out within 10 days. If you want any, then order them soon! We might not manufacture a second batch, this year.

Today’s feature article is a review written by staff Field Gear Editor Thomas Christianson.

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