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How To Stock A Prepper Pantry – 25 Essentials For A Week, Month, Year!

Learn how to stock a prepper pantry –
Know the best prepper pantry essentials for a week, a month, a year – here are the best prepper foods to stock and storage tips!

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Today, I want to teach you how to stock a prepper. Pantry. Prepping has always been just a fun hobby of mine, I grew up, my mom was a prepper. And although she didn’t know she was a prepper, she was always prepared. We always had food, we always had a back supply. Actually down in the basement, we always knew that there would be extra food, we never worried about food. And so I want to teach you how to have that same competence, competence in the kitchen, confidence in knowing no matter what happens, whether it’s a storm or sickness or social unrest, you can feed your family in a healthy way, and know that you are prepared. And that’s what being a prepper really is all about. It’s about being a proverbs 31 prepper.

And if you haven’t already discovered my book, Proverbs 31 prepper, I highly recommend it. It’s a workbook and a study guide. And it just gives you very practical tips on how to be prepared.

25 Foods For Your Prepper Pantry: Long Term Food Storage Pantry

So today is all about how to stock your pantry, as a prepper and how to always be prepared, never worrying about how you’re going to feed your family. Because when you have that confidence, chaos can catch you off guard, and then you’re able to be in a calm state.

1. Organic mac and cheese – easy to prepare and stores well!
2. Marinara sauce – lasts long and great for making quick and tasty meals
3. Canned beans – choose the ones with BPA-free lining
4. Blocks of cheese – avoid shredded ones – better to shred the cheese yourself
5. Oats – choose organic ones
6. Healthy oils – avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil
7. Canned fruit – I like canned pineapples as an add-on to oats and other recipes
8. Salsa – I make these myself
9. Applesauce – I make a big batch that lasts for a year
10. Organic sugars
11. Ketchup – for family members who absolutely love ketchup
12. Granola – make your own or buy ones that are not high in sugar
13.Winter squashes – store them in a cool and dry place
14. Tomato sauce – again, choose the ones with BPA-free lining
15. Ziploc bags – for easy storage
16. Lentils and chickpeas
17. Organic pasta
18. Cleaning pads for tidying up
19. Wheat, grains, and seeds
20. Mixes, natural seasonings
21. Canned tuna and salmon
22. Dishwashing liquid/ soap
23. Snacks – chips, chocolate, etc
24. Pressure canned types of meat
25. Canned soup stock

Prepper Pantry Essentials

So these are important items, and they’re going to stretch your budget. So if you’re like, we don’t do grains, well, then you’re going to have to find another staple to satisfy your family that you can fit in your budget.

Emergency Preparedness Tips

These are just some tips on how to stock a prepper pantry. The main thing is I want you to be confident in the kitchen, confident and knowing you can cook for your family under any circumstance, confident in knowing whatever social crisis decides to pop up. You can handle this. You can take care of your family, you can stay strong in the Lord.

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