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Warning!!! Inspect Food Storage Stockpile…Prepper Pantry Disaster…Canned Chicken

Warning Inspect Food Storage Stockpile…Prepper Pantry Disaster…Canned Chicken Check over your stored food on a regular basis. Ring Pull Can Opener Exploded cans of chicken Look for pantry bugs, torn packages, off smells, and leaking cans. Are expired out of date cans of chicken still safe okay good to eat. Canned foods are a great way to store fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. Shelf stable packaged foods are a great way to have a versatile and convenient supply of foods on hand in a prepper pantry or long term food storage. Canned and packaged prepper pantry foods have a best by sell by use by date, yet many foods can last far longer.
Challenging times are ahead, stock up on food now, stack it to the rafters. It’s not too late, yet. Stock your prepper pantry while you can still find food and supplies.
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Expired Canned Food Safe to Eat Progresso Soup Can I Eat Expired Foods Ring Pull Can Opener Is expired canned food Progresso soup chicken corn chowder soup still safe, good to eat? Dates on foods are use by, sell by or best by dates, not expiration dates. Food is guaranteed to be the best quality until that date. Most canned foods are still safe to eat, good to eat, okay to eat long past the date. Inspect canned foods for bulges, leaks, spurts, anything “off” should be thrown away. Food storage is best rotated by the sell by date. Buy what you eat, store extra food, rotate and use your stored food, and replace it.

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