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NEW Supply Chain RISK, Not Much Time Left! | Prepping 2022 | Prepper

NEW Supply Chain RISK, Not Much Time Left! | Prepping 2022 | Prepper
Get Ready NOW, This Could Get Real Bad!

Top 20 Prepping List for upcoming Shortages

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This is a new supply chain risk 22,000 dock workers who may go on strike very soon within the next few weeks with the contract of the union workers at West Coast ports nearing expiration the prospect of labor impasse threatens another shock to the global economy, it’s time to prep now global supply chain crisis yet again another ones on its way possibly if the dock workers go on strike we will see shortages and prices skyrocket including everything that gets shipped Prepping needs to be on everyone’s mind getting ready getting what you need now global supply chain issues will hurt the economy greatly.

The inflation of 2020 is already high and it may get a lot higher if these dock workers go on strike, it will create a domino effect of not being able to get goods across from China and not being able to load the semi trucks to get it all over the United States, creating shortages and creating price hikes, something that the American people do not need right now with all of the other inflation in Shortages they’re dealing with. So the time to prep is now the time to get ready and have emergency preparedness on your mind is now this is business news, this is news every small business should know about so that they can prepare prepping for SHTF

Whether you’re an advanced prepper this is important news or you’re prepping and you’re a beginner prepper this is important news to know it gives you a timeline to expect a hardship coming soon the hyperinflation involved the inflation involved inflation 2022 is already bad but stocking up now could help soften the blow prepping for SHTF is the idea.

This is a global crisis coming a reason to prep now the economy will take a hard-hit with this supply chain disruption if the dock workers go on strike the dock workers contract is set to expire June 30, if it does not does the dock work the dock workers could go on strike as early as July 1 which then we would see the domino effect of the supply chain crisis this is a new supply chain risk that everyone should be aware of there’s not much time left so start your prepping 2022 checklist.

You don’t have to be a prepper to prep for a hard time coming, it’s just emergency emergency preparedness self-sufficiency getting ready for the upcoming crisis get ready now because this could get bad.

Some information in this video was gathered from world socialist website, also reports from Jacob Crosse and Tom Hall
Also reports by Peter S Goodman

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