Surprise eggs for MEN! Outdoor gear review – Survival gear review

Surprise eggs for men?! Man Eggs is the “awesome-est” outdoor gear review ever! Survival gear review, outdoor gear review and camping gear review with equipment give away contest.

To win the outdoor gear in this video, subscribe to the Catfish and Carp YouTube channel and leave a comment. The comment with the most likes will get first pick of one of the items used in this video. The second most popular comment will get second pick and so on until all 7 prizes are given away. Keep the comments clean and family friendly. Comments with swear words, spam, or otherwise offensive wont be considered. If one of our winners is under 18 I’ll need consent from a parent before I ship anything. If a winner is outside the US or Canada, I reserve the right to send you an equivalent gift card or something like that if its crazy butt expensive to ship to you. I’ll pick a winner about a week after this video is posted.

HERE are links to the items –
Blast Match

Ballistic Knife

Arc Lighter



Multi Tool

Throwing Knives

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