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BOLO get these prepper food storage bargains while you still can

If you have been procrastinating in preparing an emergency food supply, here are a few food items you might want to get started with. They taste great, are currently at bargain low prices and are quite easy to incorporate into a regular diet.

Many of the food items you find in Dollar stores like the Dollar tree are not that tasty nor are they that nutritious. You don’t want to stock up on junk food. The items in this video are very healthy, tasty and nutritious and have a long shelf life. Get them while you can.

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here is my recipe playlist where you can find some great recipes for canned mackerel.

My favorite way to cook them is to grill them until they are dry and then chop them into flaky parts and use like I would tune in salads and casseroles. Mackerel is also good in small corn and oat muffins with vegetables and spices.
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I add new videos every week.
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