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Man hears glass shatter at neighbor’s home late at night, so he grabs his gun and confronts the crooks — and a shootout ensues

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A Mobile, Alabama, man told WALA-TV he engaged in a shootout with a pair of burglars who broke into his neighbor’s home late Friday night.

What are the details?

Andrew Carrera told the station he was in his family’s garage when he heard glass shatter at a home across the street.

“I hollered at my stepdad, ‘I think somebody’s breaking into [the neighbor’s house], call 911!’ and that’s when I took off,” Carrera told WALA.

He added to the station that he “jumped the fence, and I ran up to where the door was — but the whole door was kicked in, all the glass was kicked in. So, at that point, I grabbed my firearm, and I screamed, ‘Get the hell out the house!’ I screamed it twice …”

Carrera told WALA he “ran around the left side of [my neighbor’s] house, and when I got to the corner of the house, they were coming out the front door at the same time, and [one of the burglars] was shooting backward. When he shot his first one, it [whizzed] right past my damn ear.”

He added to the station that “when it all went down — when the gunfire and all that started, I just said, ‘God, watch over us.’ …”

WALA reported that the suspects were shooting at Carrera as they fled on foot, but he added to the station that he struck one of the suspects in the encounter.

Mobile Police told WALA they received a 911 call and responded to the 1000 block of McGough Court for a burglary in progress.

“About 10 minutes later, a call came through the radio that someone’s just been rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds — and was matching the exact description that I had gave them,” Carrera told the station.

Investigators told WALA that officers went to a hospital in reference to a 20-year-old man with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, but police didn’t confirm the wounded man was part of the burglary and didn’t make any arrests.

‘It felt like four or five hours’

There’s also surveillance video from Carrera’s home showing him and his stepfather coming outside to see what was going on across the street.

In the upper right corner of the video, Carrera is huddled behind a vehicle in the driveway for protection, the station said.

“Forty-five seconds tops, the whole thing,” Carrera told WALA, estimating how long the ordeal lasted. “It felt like four or five hours.”

He’s just happy he and his family are alive, the station said: “It’s just a crazy experience that I hope nobody else has to deal with, but if you do … I hope that you’re prepared …”


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