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TOP 16 Items Every Prepper Should Hoard In 2022 Before It GETS BANNED

TOP 16 Items Every Prepper Should Hoard In 2022 Before It GETS BANNED

Number 16. Pain Relievers
Having aspirin on hand can be useful for relieving headaches and reducing fevers. Applying the cream version directly to burns, scrapes, and cuts can reduce pain quickly too. It even works well on a bug bite or bee sting. If you use Tylenol or Ibuprofen, please stock them and be sure to rotate as needed based on expiration dates shown on the package.
Catching a fever with flu-like symptoms during a crisis is not only bad but can be deadly. Stocking up on electrolytes, such as Gatorade or Pedialyte can also help replenish your electrolytes and keep you from dehydrating. We have had some friends experience dehydration the past few months, and one ended up in the hospital for four days, believe us NOT FUN! We must have liquids available when we get sick.

Number 15. Reliable, High-Quality Torch
One of the most common emergencies is a blackout, so owning a reliable, high-quality torch is a no-brainer. We recommend a headlamp because it keeps the hands free and illuminates your line of sight. The Energizer Vision Ultra Rechargeable Headlamp is a great choice thanks to its 400 lumens of brightness, 80-metre beam distance and up to 15 hours of use on a single charge. You can check it out!

Number 14. At Least 10 Litres of Water Per Person
The human body requires at least 10 litres of water every three days to keep headaches, cramps and fatigue at bay. So couples should stock at least 20 litres of water, families of four 40 litres and so on. If you’ve got the space, it’s worth keeping some extra on hand for cooking and bathing.

Number 13. Canned and Long-Life Foods
Dried foods can last up to a year unopened, and canned food lasts indefinitely, so long as the cans remain in good condition and free from rust. So keep some of these essentials stored in the back of the pantry or a cool, dark and dry place, and you never know when they’ll come in handy.

Number 12. Heavy-Duty Backpack
If the home becomes unsafe and you’re forced to leave, a heavy-duty backpack will be necessary for hauling survival items to the new destination. Equip one with plenty of compartments, including a waterproof section if possible for smartphones and batteries. The heavy-duty pack also makes a great camping backpack between crises.
And while you’re at that, stock in some toilet paper. Just imagine not having toilet paper during a crisis. Now that’s talking about “the end of the world” scenario. Stockpile toilet paper for a much softer, more sanitary way of cleaning yourself. You’ve seen stores like Costco run out of toilet paper and paper towels from time to time over the past couple of years. Don’t be the family that has run out and is in need of this critical product.

Number 11. Radio
The internet and phone signals could be the first forms of communication to drop out in a natural disaster or become congested beyond use. So keep a trusty radio on hand as a source of news and information. For example, most governing bodies rely on radio to broadcast announcements and updates regarding bushfires and flooding. Ensure the batteries are Energizer as they are quality and long-lasting. Conduct a brief test every 3-6 months and replace as required.

Number 10. Batteries
You are going to go through a bunch of batteries during the emergency, depending on its severity and the length of time it affects your area. Make sure you stockpile batteries of all kinds while preparing for an emergency. If someone in your family uses a breathing machine or respirator, be sure to stock up on the appropriate batteries. You can also look into a solar-powered backup system like a Goal Zero Solar Unit.

Number 9. Charged Power Banks
Use these to charge the phone, so you can check on loved ones and call for help if the lines are still open. The Energizer Vision Ultra Rechargeable Headlamp is charged via USB, so the power banks can be used to extend your light source for days on end.

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