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Finished DIY KOI FISH POND & natural looking WATER GARDEN – (update)

This video shows how I built a backyard koi pond using natural landscaping. It highlights the completed DIY raised timber and liner constructed Koi Pond with 1 year old show quality fish all from recycled timber. The fish were added today and filmed to show you how the completed pond construction looks. The video is set to a great musical treat. Sit back, relax and watch the fish pond come alive.

The video mainly highlights my wooden fish pond design ideas to show quality fish. A DIY biological filter and settlement tank were also used to keep the fish pond water crystal clear and filtered. Made it a natural looking water garden and used native ferns to edge the pond and aquatic plants have also been used as natural vegetable biological filters to create a beautiful water garden feature for the backyard. The fish are 5-15cm but will all grow pretty quick. The pond is 5m long x 2m wide x 1m deep and about 3000 liters in all. My garden pond is all hidden in the backyard and is a beautiful water feature for the backyard.

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