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Welcome To Survivalist Prepper On YouTube!

Hello and thanks for dropping by the Survivalist Prepper YouTube channel. I want to take a second a let you know what we do here at Survivalist Prepper.

Some of you may have found our YouTube channel from listening to the Survivalist Prepper podcast that My wife Lisa and I do every week on Thursdays.

Some of you may have found us from our website where we have quite a few articles about preparedness and survival.

If you haven’t listened to the show, or visited the website, these links are below so you can check them out.

I post new videos a few times a week, so make sure and subscribe to our channel to get updated when I put these out, and thanks for being part of the Survivalist Prepper Community.
The Podcast: You can listen to the podcast on your phone if you have iTunes and a podcasting app. You can also view our show notes and episodes here:

Main Website: Our main website is

The Academy: We also have the Survivalist Prepper Academy where you can get access to wholesale prices on prepping supplies, prepping and survival courses, members only contests and many other prepping resources:

The SHTFShop: We also have our online store where we sell Legacy Food Storage products, as well as other survival supplies…some we even make ourselves:

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