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Top 4 Self Defense Moves for Beginners

Here are 4 simple and effective self defense moves that are great for beginners to use in a street fight.

#1 – Hit Straight! Hitting straight will give you a high rate of fire and leave you less vulnerable to your attackers counter strikes.

#2 – Cover up. There are better defensive tactics out there, but they require training and time. Covering is a simple easy thing that any beginner can do right away to guard themselves against a punch.

#3 – Move! Don’t stand still! Specifically, you want to circle. It will make you a harder target to hit and keep you from moving straight backwards and getting overwhelmed.

#4 – Kick. As a beginner, this self defense move is best used as a finisher in a street fight. Through training martial arts one can learn several different types of eff

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