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10,000 COWS SUSPICIOUSLY KILLED | Food Supply Attach | Prepper | SHTF

10,000 COWS SUSPICIOUSLY KILLED | Food Supply Attach | Prepper | SHTF
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Wow 10,000 cows suspiciously killed there is a real food supply attack going on this is a prepper news this is SHTF situation for sure have you heard about 10,000 cows dying in the heat bubble?

Just a few days ago Kansas cattle died the news and media are blaming the heat wave and extreme heat for three days killing all of the cows, this happen primarily in Kansas where the cattle died if you’re not a prepper you need to be a prepper and start prepping we are getting hit on all sides with food shortages these dead cows in Kansas in 2022 are a huge hit on our food supply chain.

This will also affect meat prices this is the crisis that happening now supply chain prices are happening all around us so start prepping for 2022 these are great SHTF tips tips that you need for prepping, this prepping tip and prepping tips will help you with knowing what to go buy at the grocery stores before the shelves go empty does breaking news with Kelz it’s all over the media it’s a big deal when 10,000 cows die overnight.

This will add to the food crisis this prepping news is bad news it’s the SHTF news that we don’t wanna hear about it is gut wrenching to hear about 10,000 cows or 3000 cows in some areas dying overnight due to the heat, this is part of the economic collapse doomsday preppers already know about this and they have been prepping for this for a long time it’s about being and having emergency readiness long-term food prepping for SHTF in 2022 this is 2022 and we are already seeing SHTF.

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