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Man allegedly breaks into home in middle of night, after which homeowner opens fire. Let’s just say alleged intruder won’t enjoy sitting for a while.

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A man allegedly broke into an Ohio home in the middle of night this week, after which the homeowner opened fire and hit the suspect in the buttocks, WXIX-TV reported.

What are the details?

Franklin police were dispatched to the residence on Park Avenue at 3:25 a.m. Wednesday, the station said.

Jeffrey Carl, 36, of Franklin, allegedly broke into the home, after which the homeowner shot him in the buttocks, Lt. Brian Pacifico confirmed to WXIX.

Police told the station Carl fled on foot, after a K-9 found him hiding in a shed in a different yard.

What happened next?

Carl was taken to Atrium Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries and is being charged with burglary, Pacifico added to WXIX.

Later the suspect was taken to the Franklin Police Department, Pacifico also told the station.

According to WDTN-TV, Carl also has a failure to appear warrant out of the Franklin Municipal Court.

Similar self-defense shootings in the state

In September, a homeowner in Lincoln Heights — a Cincinnati suburb about 30 minutes south of Franklin — shot a man dead who apparently was banging on his door yelling for help and then barged in. The Hamilton County sheriff’s office told WCPO-TV there won’t be charges against the homeowner and that the state’s stand-your-ground law can be applied in the case.

In August, police said an Amazon delivery driver shot a knife-wielding man in self-defense in Middletown — about 12 minutes southwest of Franklin — and isn’t facing any charges for pulling the trigger.

In March, a 74-year-old homeowner in Akron shot a 16-year-old male who broke into his residence by crashing through his glass front door. The homeowner — known as “Lurch” — was watching television the morning after his birthday when he said the intruder knocked all the glass out of his front door and broke in, WKYC-TV reported.

“I heard this hellacious crash, and he comes running right through my front door,” Lurch told WOIO-TV.

Lurch added to WKYC he stepped into the hall and saw a person opening his basement door. Lurch fired his 380 Luger, which he keeps close by him, WOIO said.

“He dives down the basement as I put lead in him going down the steps,” he told WOIO.

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