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Discreet Prepper – DIY Truck Winch

Hey Youtube! Here is a video from the Discreet Prepper “Tips & Tricks” department.

I had an old boat winch and an old trailer hitch sitting in the garage. I bolted them together using a heavy duty strength 5/8” bolt, heavy duty over-sized washers, and then welded the metal receiving plates together.

You normally only see a winch on the front, but I think this could work well on the back too. Now, “What can this be used for?” you ask? Plenty! First of all, it can be used to pull heavy things closer to the truck. Second, with a pulley combination (which I always keep in the truck), I can lift heavy things up to the level of the back of the truck and slide them in. All you would have to do is mount the pulley overhead (tree branch, wooden beam, etc.), run the steel cable through it, and hoist away! Third, you could possibly pull your truck out of a ditch if you happened to slide off the road. Obviously, the pully does not have the strength to pull the entire weight of the truck out, but it would help by adding extra pulling pressure on the back as you slowly reverse out. Even if you could only back up a small portion at a time, the winch would keep you from sliding back in. I figure the only way to do this is to have my wife put the truck in reverse and as we moved back inch by inch, I would tighten up the slack. It is not perfect, but it could work in a pinch.

For those who complain that it is not strong enough, I used this same winch to lift a 350 Chevy motor and heads into and out of my boat by using it in combination with a winch. Not one problem. I also used it to pull down a tree I was cutting down. I cut through half the tree, put on the cable and winched it over. It snapped like a twig.

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