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How to Form Prepper Groups for SHTF Preparedness

Today on the Bear Independent show we’re talking about how to form prepper groups for SHTF. I get this question all the time; whether you’re trying to form a prepper group to combat the chaos of the 2020 elections, end times, economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, EMP, societal collapse, or just general SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI chaos, we have some tips and tricks in this video that will be helpful to you.

We are excited to bring you this video on How to Form Prepper Groups for SHTF Preparedness because we believe strongly in forming prepper groups to survive SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI. There are so many kinds of preppers- city prepper, urban prepper, suburban prepper, rural prepper, homesteader, militia, minuteman, patriot, or even a canadian prepper! whether you’re bugging in or bugging out, you will ned a tribe, a group, a MAG to assist you through SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI.

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