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prescription pill prepper tip

If you take daily medication, have you ever thought what would happen if the supply of medicine was disrupted? if you only have a 30 day prescription you are very dependent on a refill every month. Now is a good time to talk to your doctor to increase your dosage so you can increase your reserve supply of medicine while it is still available.
I told my doctor I wanted to have an extra supply of heart medicine in case of a hurricane, or a zombie apocalypse. He doubled my dosage and wrote a 90 day prescription I can renew for a year. In this case, I will have a year supply reserve at the end of the year.

this will not work if your medicine is very expensive and you can’t afford to buy more , or if your medication is restricted like pain medication, but will work for many other drugs and gives me peace of mind.
hope this tip helps.

Robb Moffett
Robb’s Homemade Life

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