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PREP NOW!!! Massive Diesel CRISIS IS COMING | SHTF 2022 Food Shortages 2022 Prepper/Prepping

PREP NOW!!! Massive Diesel CRISIS IS COMING | SHTF 2022 Food Shortages 2022 Prepper/Prepping
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There is a severe lack of Diesel in New York at the moment. There is a growing scarcity of diesel, forcing merchants to resort to increasingly desperate measures, to stock up on the commodity. Things are starting to dry up here. The White House has indicated that they may take emergency measures due to the severity of the problems in New York.
In this video, you will get in-depth into the recent diesel crisis amid the SHTF 2022 scenario. If you want to get more videos like this, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Hit the bell icon to get an alert whenever we upload a new video. Let’s get straight to our topic.
This means trouble for the United States. The city of New York may have to go on emergency alert.

Let’s dive right into the current state of the diesel market. It’s possible that we’ve seen a slight decrease in dee zul prices. However, diesel prices have recently increased again. Prices are nearing $200 per barrel. This has enormous implications. In addition, the United States has dangerously low stockpiles. This level of depletion in stock was last seen, in October 1951. So the last time we were this low on oil was over seventy years ago. Everything is being impacted by this. The price of a barrel of diesel has reached $200, which will have far-reaching consequences. The construction industry, truck drivers, and farmers will all be impacted. Now, we’ll dive into what the White House is saying. They’re taking charge now. The Biden administration has threatened to take action, against exports and suppliers, who are relying on more expensive US tankers to restock the region.

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