Is it Worth It?? – Uncharted Supply BaseCamp – 4 Person Survival Kit

Here’s the Uncharted Supply Company’s 4 person survival kit called the Base Camp. It is overpriced and has entirely too much branding. Build your own kit.

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Chapter Markers Below:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:15 Kit Introduction
00:00:48 Outside of Kit
00:01:48 Top View
00:02:17 Front View
00:02:41 Opening it Up
00:04:18 Chemlights
00:04:27 Wipes
00:04:56 Top Right of Kit
00:05:53 Bottom Right of Kit
00:08:34 Left Side of Kit
00:11:41 Price and Thoughts
00:12:32 Recommendation

If you do decide to snag this kit, check out the link below. And no, it is not an affiliate link.

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