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Indoor Time: Prepping & self sufficiency

We just got our first frost, and it is time to consider your winter garden prep, are you prepping for SHTF? Do you have self-sufficiency with food? Because inflation is getting out of control food shortages are eminent, and we will need to be able to prepare for ourselves with emergency preparedness, a self-sufficient mindset with gardening and self-sufficiency and homesteading whether you’re a prepping or into SHTF prepping or you watch other channels like Riverside, Homestead, life, or mag prepper, or a last prepper or spectrum survival, or can pre pre, economic ninja we all teach you about being able and now for for a Beat the empty shelves, because SHTF is here or almost here and having a mindset of preparedness for winter coming it is super important to be prepping and we are about to move our garden indoors. We’re gonna be doing micro greens and teaching people how to grow a fast edible crop quickly that anyone can do with very little effort so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned.

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