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Simple self-defense technique for all – KALARIPAYATTU

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⦁ 0.01 learn the technique of simple locks of kalari. And how to use it practically in life.
⦁ 0.22 – when the hit comes from the right side, you immediately block it from your left hand. -Always use the opposite hand to block
⦁ 0.36 using the same hand to block and hit is an absolutely wrong method -due to increased chances of injury and faults.
⦁ 1.03 block the hit from the left hand- then –
⦁ 1.04 pull the attacking hand down- by RIGHT arm taken Inside.
⦁ 1.05 – 1.11 use the LEFT HAND- to actively double lock his forearm -and grab him- from under his arm – now Pull him down towards the ground.
⦁ 2.03 the solution to tackle the attack from the hand that free is to quickly block, grab, and lock his arm and ultimately pull it down.
⦁ 2.10- 2.14: if the lock is done correctly, you can take his body down as much as you want – using the locked hand itself.
⦁ With the correct application -The opponent gets completely helpless.
⦁ 2.22 increase the intensity of this lock by using –
⦁ 2.29 The wrist bones -to poke into the forearm – that acts as a painful weapon- makes him lose his resistance power.
⦁ 3.00 practically it cannot be achieved slowly. – so-
⦁ 3.05 be alert to grab the arm before it’s taken back after the hit.
⦁ The key here is – you have to apply the lock quickly- for the correct result.
⦁ 3.15 -3.34 you can UNLOCK yourself from an opponent with incomplete knowledge of lock by pulling yourself away with the use of unlocked/freehand.
⦁ 3.52 but you can resist the unlocking instinct of an opponent. –
⦁ 3.59 so, the more you tighten the lock and pull him down – the less is the chance for him to unlock from it. – the opponent becomes immovable.
⦁ the correct technique is to LOCK his complete SHOULDER only.
⦁ 4.19 POINTS TO KEEP IN MIND during this technique practice :
1. Initially DO NOT try to apply the lock tightly on your partner.
2. Wrong/immature usage of this technique may lead to shoulder dislocation.
3. Practice it with patience at a slow pace and only with increased experience and confidence increase the speed.
⦁ 4.45 More the speed used in any technique of martial art, better the execution of it.

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