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Before buying a budget knife here is everything you need to know. Today Matt and Adrian talk about cheap knives around the $50 or less price range. They dive into what materiel’s, brands and styles to avoid.

Best cheap knives (under $50):

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“Cold Steel CPM 3v Warcraft they hang a car off the handle of the knife just to show you how strong this steel can be”
What are we talking about today?
Budget fixed blades that we have had come through, and then, sometimes what can go wrong with getting in budget fixed blades…
What makes a budget knife a budget knife?
Quality of materials used, sometimes the fit and finish on a budget knife can be a little bit… what is the right word, “how-ya-going” “rudimentary” (Yeah, laughter).

Well, I suppose we should start things off. We ordered in some Coleman Bowie knives, we normally stock a model done by a company called Winchester which is a really big selling knife and a bit-of-a tried and true go-to Bowie knife; With a timber handle it sells for around that $50 mark. We thought “let’s see if we can find a budget option from Coleman” we thought “ok this knife looks good, its going to come in at 30 bucks” you know that’s quite a big difference in price, but, unfortunately we’ve learnt the hard way that sometimes not all knives are created equal and sometimes you do need to spend that little bit more on a knife.

We had a batch of these knives come through and they do have the timber handles, basically an identical shape knife to the Winchester Bowie… but someone in the quality control stage wasn’t looking at what they were doing. It wasn’t very “quality”.
It wasn’t quality at all, unfortunately, every nife that came in has cracks in the handles. That’s just something simple in the manufacturing process that was not done exactly to what should have been done.

They haven’t drilled the holes big enough.
Exactly right.
They’ve just cracked the wood.
Once they put the pins through that secures the tang to the handle it’s cracked every single one of these knives.

It’s not the case with every knife now we have a couple of options here that do have wooden handles they are all pined but you can see they don’t have any cracks in them the woods fairly decent as far as a grain and quality making them appealing and cool one thing that I’ll add is just with budget night and general the knives and selves a really good where they sort of slip as far as that price point is definitely the sheaths so just something to keep in mind when you are looking at budget knives the sheaths are not gonna be Kydex or leather, yeah, so that they are usually going to be in just a standard nylon.

And I suppose another thing to point out is you can find good budget nights like this Bowie we had come through for the $50 mark this is a great knife it’s in a nice stainless steel it’s got a nice contoured G10 handle it feels great in hand and it has a nice Cordura style leather sheath so for the price you’re actually getting a really good quality knife that should last you quite a good amount of time.

Budget knives can’t do tasks high-end knives with high-end steel can achieve so mostly being in stainless steel they’re not as heavy duty as some more expensive survival knives, things like that out there.

And unfortunately a lot of people they want to get something that’s going to do like videos they’ve seen your batoning through wood chopping wood stainless is usually not the best choice for a knife you going to hard use because at the end of the day stainless is prone to Chipping or I could break if it’s stress too far we will tender offer customers carbon steel as a good quality options you can beat on carbon steel it’s very tough the only downside with carbon is there is a bit of maintenance in terms of rust but it sharpens up easily. I will always go for a carbon steel knife because I know at the end of the day 99.9% of the time they’re not going to have any breakages and they’re not going to have any chipping.

Now that we’ve discussed what these knives aren’t good for, so, a lot of heavy outdoor use… let’s talk about what they are good for. These are good for hunting preparation and just general cutting tasks, nothing too heavy duty.

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