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How To Prepare For The Rising Energy Prices

We have all seen a rise in energy prices over the past year. Gasoline prices have skyrocketed, which has resulted in higher prices across the board, especially in the grocery store.

But, additionally, you have probably seen a rise in your electric or gas bill as well. And, as is usually the case, we can probably expect to see these prices continue to rise in the near future.

What would happen if these prices continue to rise? How can we continue to function when we can barely afford to both pay our electric bill and buy groceries every month? Would you still be able to live at the same level of comfort as you do now?

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Let’s take a look at some legitimate ways to prepare for the rising energy costs that will allow you to keep almost the same lifestyle, no matter how much these bills go up.

Since it is mainly the gas and electricity prices that are rising, one of the best ways to prepare for these costs is to reduce your usage of these. The less you need gasoline, the less money you will need to spend on it.

Likewise, the fewer times you need to plug something in, the less electricity you will use, resulting in lower electricity bills. Let’s take a look at a few specific examples of how exactly we can reduce our gas and electricity usage.

Use A Wood-Burning Stove

wood-burning stoveIf you have central heating and air, you may be adding a significant amount to your electricity bill.

Instead, consider stocking up on wood and using your wood-burning stove to generate heat in your home. This stove will generate plenty of heat, even on a cold winter’s night.

Not only will this stove help cut back on your worries about the heating bill, but it may also provide quite a good workout if you decide to cut the firewood yourself.

Update Your Appliances

It is a well-known fact that modern appliances use considerably less energy than older ones. Consider investing in newer appliances, and you are bound to see a drop in your electric bill. The initial investment may be rather large, but it will pay off in the long run.

Install A Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heaterThese instant water heaters are a fairly recent phenomenon in the world of home ownership.

Not only will you save space by avoiding the need for a large water tank, but tankless water heaters are also known to use less energy than traditional water heater tanks.

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Downsize Your Home

If you are able, consider downsizing your home. This is an enormous change that your family may not be ready for, but if you are willing, you will be able to make it work.

A smaller home means less space that you will need to heat. You will use much less energy to heat your new, smaller home, and you are bound to see that reflected in your first electric bill in your new home.

Install Solar Panels

How To Prepare For The Rising Energy PricesThis option is another one that will be a major investment up front.

However, there is no denying that you will see an enormous drop in your energy costs almost immediately.

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Additionally, there are plenty of programs that are geared toward helping people get on the solar panel train.

Switch To Public Transportation

If you live in an area that provides public transportation, take advantage of it! Though there is an associated cost, it will be much less than the amount you spend on gas every day on your commute.

Additionally, you will have the luxury to sit back and relax, instead of stressing your way through traffic jams twice a day. An alternative to this option may be to carpool to and from work with any coworkers that live nearby.

Consider Turning Down Your Heat

How To Prepare For The Rising Energy PricesWith the cold months upon us, it may be tempting to crank up the heat and get nice and cozy. However, consider leaving the heat down and instead putting on more layers or cuddling under some blankets.

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It might not sound fun to be bundled up while you are in your own house, but you will see a difference in your bill.

Combine Trips

Be smarter about driving your car by planning your outings. Try to run all of your errands at one time, rather than going out whenever you feel the need.

It may be exhausting to drive to five different places in the same trip, but it will save a lot of gas compared to driving back and forth over several days.

Find The Cheapest Gas

How To Prepare For The Rising Energy PricesConsider downloading an app on your phone that will allow you to easily find the cheapest gas in your area.

Remember not to go out of your way for this cheap gas, however, since you may end up spending all your savings just to get to the gas station. Some apps even offer discounts on gas.

Join A Gas Loyalty Program

There are several companies that offer gas loyalty programs that will help you save a few bucks at the pump. BP and Shell both offer $0.05 off per gallon of gasoline bought.

ExxonMobil offers $0.03 off per gallon. Sometimes, there are some grocery stores that offer cents off of their gasoline as well, such as Walmart or Kroger.

Sign Up For A Gas Rewards Credit Card

There are plenty of options if you are considering a gas rewards credit card. Some of these credit cards offer up to 5% cash back on gas purchases from participating gas stations. Though you will not be saving any money upfront, it will be nice to see that refund come back into your account.

Hopefully, some of these options will help you save a little money on your gas or electric bill. It can be hard to maintain a certain lifestyle when these basic necessities rise in their price.

Luckily, the more work you put into reducing your energy use now, the less these issues will affect you and your family as the energy prices continue to rise.

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