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Prepping – Asda Essentials – £15 budget shop

Hello there everyone,

This is my latest trip to Asda well I thought I would take the challenge of the Asda essentials range.

There’s been a lot of sneering and judgement about this range within the National press with some saying that it is exploitative and in some way stigmatising to those who have to use it.

My opinion is you buy what you have to buy. I do not judge the shops you use or the ranges you buy from.

We each have our own personal budget and I think it speak’s far more about those who put down such a range than those who choose to buy it.

I have listed the prices below if there is no quantity listed the price is for 1 of the item, if there is a quantity the cost listed is the total cost for all the products

Peas x 2 £0.48
Carrots x 2 £0.46
Chopped Tomatoes x 2 £0.64
Baked Beans x 2 £0.50
Spaghetti Hoops x 2 £0.32
Jam £0.34
Marmalade £0.33
Ketchup £0.42
Apple Juice £0.65
Orange Juice £0.69
Chilli £0.97
Quiche £1.79
Bread £0.39
Sausage Roll x 8 £0.98
Tuna £0.55
Pickled Onion £0.40
Chicken Paste x 3 £0.84
Porridge 1 Kg £0.70
Noodles x 2 £0.44
Corned Beef Slices £1.25
Trifle x 3 £0.99
Pasta 500g £0.35
Sweet corn £0.38

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