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He Fired Back in Self Defense. So, Why is this Ohio Man Going to Prison?

Washington Gun Law President, William Kirk, discusses a real life example of how gun modifications can take an otherwise lawful use of a firearm and land someone in prison for over three years. Today, we learn of an Ohio man who was ambushed outside his place of employment and shot. He had every right to return fire and every right to be armed at such time. But now this man is going to prison. Why? Learn more and arm yourself with education today.
Applicable Statutes:

For My Washington Viewers.
RCW 9A.16.020.

RCW 9A.16.050.
Other Resources:

Press Release from DOJ South District of Ohio.

Man Who Shot in Self Defense Gets Prison Time for Illegal Glock Switch.

The Truth About Gun Modifications in Washington State.

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