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Just imagine for a second that you’re walking alone at night coming back from work and that someone sketchy approaches you and asks you what time it is.

What would be your immediate reaction? How would you position yourself? What would you say to this person? How would you position your hands?

If you train in a good self-defense school, you will most likely prepare for these types of strange encounters.

A good reality based self-defense system, will include realistic scenario based situations to put you in a vulnerable position. You’ll need to react quickly and make sure you make the most of the situation, before your attacker does.

That said, the topic of this video is about positioning efficiently for self-defense. When you’re faced with a strange individual, you need to be ready for anything. You need to be extremely aware about everything he’s saying and doing.

At the same time, you need to position yourself correctly for a good defense and offense. Make sure to glance around to see if your opponent could potentially be with an accomplice.

Watch the video clip and see how you can position yourself for self defense purposes.

Keep training hard and stay safe.

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Stay safe,

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