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How to defend against knife attacks… or not. (Which knife defense techniques actually work?)

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The vast majority of knife defense techniques are bizarrely ridiculous, and will usually leave you filled with holes… which is crazy. Who would teach a method of defending against knife attacks without actually TESTING it?!

And yet, the Bullshido persists, throughout some of the most popular knife defense styles in the world… like Kali, Pekiti Tirsia, Krav Maga, Systema, and just about every other style that I researched and tested.

So, the purpose of this video and the entire free training program that it introduces is to cut through the nonsense. You will be able to tell which methods of knife self defense will never work, you will have all of the defenses to knife attacks that ACTUALLY DO work, and you will increase your chances of surviving something like this dramatically.

In a knife fight, nothing will ever be 100%… but if you can win more times than you lose, you’re doing a great job.

Check out the free course, learn some REAL knife fighting skills, and let’s put an end to the BS.

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