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50 Emergency Items To Always Have In The House

We all agree there are life-threatening situations that can catch us off guard. However, preparing for disaster in advance will save you and your family before the condition subsides or find help, even if it’s mentally.

So to navigate through an emergency whenever it occurs, keep the following 50 survival items at home.

Often, you can find yourself in unforeseen events where you need to protect yourself. Having emergency items at home can help in survival situations.

Below is a list of 50 emergency items to always have in the house.

Let’s Start With Alternative Power Sources

50 Emergency Items to Always Have In The House#1. Flashlight: If the power goes off, you will need a flashlight and batteries to navigate home. It’s best to also have headlamps and lanterns to keep your home lit.

#2. Matches: Matches, especially waterproof ones, help start fires in damp area.

#3. Spare light bulbs: Keep spare light bulbs at home in case the ones you are using are burned out, and you can’t get a new one at the moment.

#4. Generator: An emergency backup generator can keep your home light during a power outage and keep your electric appliances working.

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#5. Hand crank radios: A cordless radio will provide weather alerts, power, and light.

Health And Safety Supplies

50 Emergency Items to Always Have In The House#6. Respirator masks: When environmental disasters strike, a respirator mask will at least protect you from the contaminated air.

If you find yourself in the event of a pandemic, chemical or biological attack, placing a gas mask on your face may be the difference between life and death.

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#7. Fire extinguisher: A fire extinguisher helps in emergencies to extinguish or control fire.

#8. Hand warmers: Hand warmers provide heat in a cold environment. They can also provide soothing heat for muscular or joint aches.

#9. Essential hygiene items: Essential hygiene are essential in a survival situation, as a means to avoiding the spread of disease.

#10. Insecticide: Keeping insecticides at home helps in cases of pests and diseases outbreak.

#11. Stun gun: A stun gun is a self-defense device you should keep at home in case looters try to steal something from your property during civil unrest.

#12. Moist towelettes: If you don’t have hand sanitizers, moist towelettes can do the trick of sanitizing a dirty surface.

#13. Bleach: Bleach can be used as a disinfectant to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

50 Emergency Items to Always Have In The House#14. First-aid kit: You should keep a first-aid kit that contains items like medicines, scissors, tweezers, needles, antiseptic, thermometers, petroleum jelly, antacid, and laxatives.

#15. Medicinal Seeds: You will want to grow your own medicinal herbs when going to the pharmacy isn’t an option.

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#16. Pepper spray: Pepper spray is a self-defense item you should keep at home for emergencies.

#17. A shovel: You can use a small shovel to prevent the enemy from attacking you, if no other weapons are available.

Don’t Forget Spare Items

#18. Spare home keys: Keeping spare home keys help in circumstances where you can’t find your usual keys.

50 Emergency Items to Always Have In The House#19. Power bank: The power bank plays an important role when your cellphone or flashlight runs out of charge.

#20. Battery: When electric supplies are dead, batteries can be a backup option.

#21. Spare charger: Always keep a spare USB and long cable charger.

#22. Spare glasses or contact lenses: You need spare glasses, in case something happens to your usual pair.

#23. Notepad and pen: A notepad can help you keep track of your food stocks and head counts and can also be used to make a note of symptoms and times they occur in case your doctor needs it.

Food And Water Supplies

#24. Foods: Especially dry foods that can be stored for a long time or non-perishable foods.

#25. Pet food and supplies: If you have pets, it’s important to keep their food and supplies at home in case of emergencies.

#26. Water: Always store water to keep your family’s demands in emergencies.

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#27. Water filter: In case there is no more running water, and you must filter rainwater or water from wild sources.

#28. Vegetable seeds: By growing your own food, you will have fresh items available in times of need.

Remember Sewing, Tying, Binding, And Opening Tools

multi-tool#29. Multi-tool: Keeping a good multi-tool in your home helps in emergencies like earthquakes. It’s compact and comes in handy when you want to repair something.

#30. Manual can opener: Manual can opener will prevent you from getting cut when emptying contents from a can.

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#31. Waterproof bags: You can seal valuable items like phones, energizer batteries, and flammable materials inside waterproof bags.

#32. Thread and needle: Needle and thread help in manual sewing or even suture a wound in an extreme pinch.

#33. Plastic zip ties: These are handy, especially if you want to close a garbage bag to avoid contamination.

#34. Plastic sheeting: In emergencies where you will need to seal your windows, doors, or air vents, plastic sheeting will do the trick.

#35. Pliers: Pliers help during disasters, for instance, if you want to cut an electric wire.

#36. Duct tape: Keeping duct tape in your home will help seal cracks. You can also create a sturdy rope with the tape where needed.

Bedding Items

50 Emergency Items to Always Have In The House#37. Emergency blanket: Emergency blankets will keep your body warm and prevent your body from losing heat, which is a life-saving method, especially for people suffering from hypothermia.

#38. Extra pillows: Your body gets worn down because of stress, so even in an emergency, you will need to sleep.

Obtain User-Friendly Kitchen Items

#39. Aluminum foil: Used to store food or when cooking over flames.

#40. Rocket stove: You can cook with it in case of emergencies because it doesn’t need electricity.

#41. Propane heater: A propane heater can be used as home fuel to heat water, cook, and even dry clothes.

#42. Insulated ice chests: To keep your food cold when you can’t use refrigerators. Alternatively, you can make your own zeer pot to keep food cool.

cast iron cookware#43. Cast iron cookware: These pans are heavy duty, they do not even chip. The temperatures they can withstand are high, as well, making cast iron cookware perfect for direct flame on a campfire.

#44. Seasoned firewood: If you live in a cold climate, seasoned firewood can keep you warm.

Get Rid Of Dirt

#45. Off-grid laundry: When there is a power outage, 5-gallon buckets, washboard, and clothespin will help keep your clothes clean.

#46. Portable toilets: Portable toilets can be as simple as a 5-gallon bucket that can be emptied at a distance.

#47. Garbage bags: To get rid of waste and keep your home clean.

Keep Important Documents And Cash

#48. Important documents: Keep your important documents safe at home, where you can readily access them in unforeseen events.

#49. Cash: Keeping cash at home helps in circumstances where you can’t withdraw money from the bank.

#50. Book: A book on DIY projects that can help you and your family in times of economic crisis, long-term blackouts, riots, hyperinflation, hurricanes, martial law, or other unforeseen events that may come our way.

In conclusion, uncertainty is part of life. Some things happen without a plan. Keep yourself confident at home by keeping emergency items in case any disaster strikes; you will have a way to deal with it.

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