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PREP NOW, Attacks On America With In | Food Shortages 2022 | Prepper

PREP NOW, Attacks On America With In | Food Shortages 2022 | Prepper
Is This Deliberate From China and Russia?

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The news report on foreign owned land :

What did China due to California, what is china doing to our whole country from within? Is China buying up all of our land and is other countries buying up all of our land? Are they attacking America from within, is our food industries being attacked through cyber warfare and other means from within? Are the Americans under attack is this a food economic war?

It is time to prep now attacks on American within from multiple countries whether it’s China or Russia or other attacks the food shortages in 2022 are real this is a prepper news.

Did you know China owns huge food factories such as Smithfield foods and many more, did you know that China owns many farmlands and tons of property in United States? And lots of this land is under the radar the federal government does not even know how much Land is owned by China and other countries.

Bottom line is Americans are losing their jobs Americans are suffering to higher inflation and hyper inflation of gas prices in food prices and shelves are going empty we are seeing empty shelves and the need for Prepping is getting more eminent, it’s an SHTF situation that people need to start planning for pork plants are being shut down which will mean food prices will go up especially meat prices will go up we will see inflated meat prices especially pork, this is the SHTF news of the day it’s time to prep now whether you are a proper or a brand new prepper beginner prepper it’s time to start prepping prepping 2022 is the name of the game because SHTF is here.

Smithfield foods is closing will another plant close as well? One more jobs and American jobs be lost? Or food prices continue to go up this is the world news today our food prices are hitting hyperinflation levels where will it stop? And also food processing plants are burning down is this a china war is this a China Taiwan war what it is is 2022 Prepping in a big way.

So what are you have started prepping or not prepping for SHTF food should be on the list because this is a war a war within a war against inflation a war against other countries a war against Hyperinflation a war against food shortages you need to prepare for war there’s all kinds of wars that we are seeing prep for shtf.

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