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Seed Ban AGAIN? | Food Shortage | Prepper

Seed Ban Again? | Food Shortage | Prepper
OMG Is it going to happen again?

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This was very alarming news from a subscriber, we know we are dealing with very bizarre times right now and the whole war thing going on with Russia and Ukraine, what is next?
We know we are dealing with food shortages, supply chain issues, and the government banning of different things in emergency situations.

This person witnessed a seed ban, They state they went to Walmart and the garden seeds were taped of and you could not buy garden seeds, notes saying non essential and worker shortages, and also the fishing department was taped off as well.

Hmmmm….. that is odd, we have seen this before. Does this mean it is related to the war? Is it related to food shortages, is it related to supply chain issues?

Buy now, buy it now. Be sure you can get your prepping supplies now before you cant.
emergency preparedness starts with knowledge then getting out there and prepping and getting ready for economic collapse and everything else that is about to hit us.

Lots of shortages with hyperinflation problems, if you need to go shopping be sure to pick up some garden seeds, before price goes up and inflation makes it hard to buy garden seeds.

Lots of food shortages coming and as a prepper, and prepping what you need you should add garden and plant seeds to your shopping list, of get now or buy now before its gone.

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