New: Grayl UltraPress Titanium Water Purifier

Anyone who has heard of the “5 Cs of survival” — cutting, combustion, cover, cordage, and container — should recognize the importance of having a vessel to carry water. In a worst-case scenario this might be something as simple as a scavenged Ziploc bag or plastic water bottle, but ideally, your container should be made out of metal. This allows it to be placed onto or suspended over a campfire or stove, providing a way of boiling water for drinking, cooking, and washing. It also increases the durability of this crucial survival tool. Recognizing this, Grayl has announced a new version of its excellent UltraPress water purifier (which we previously wrote about here). The Grayl UltraPress Titanium comes with a multipurpose cup that fits around its purifier bottle assembly.

As with the original Grayl UltraPress, the UltraPress Titanium is fast and simple to use for purifying water. Just pull the purifier bottle from its outer shell, scoop water into the shell like a cup, loosen the SimpleVent cap to allow air to escape, insert the purifier bottle back into the shell, and press down. Water is forced up through the purifier cartridge, removing viruses, bacteria, and protozoa as well as sediment, flavors/odors, and other contaminants. The Grayl purifier cartridge been independently tested and verified to meet the NSF/ANSI P231 standards for microbiological purifiers (refer to our previous article on water purifiers to read more about these standards).

In addition to its primary function of scooping water, the UltraPress Titanium outer shell can be used like a large titanium camp cup. You can place it on an isobutane portable stove or mini wood stove, heat it on a propane grill, or even hang it over an open campfire. Two retractable handles and a micro D-ring have been integrated into this vessel, so you can pick it up or suspend it as needed. We could see this being useful for making coffee, cooking ramen, or just heating up some water for a freeze-dried camping meal.

Obviously, once the outer shell has been used to scoop up contaminated water, you shouldn’t consume water directly from it until it has been thoroughly boiled or passed through the Grayl purifier cartridge.

Grayl says the UltraPress Titanium comes with a one-way silicone cartridge valve, making it possible to fill the bottle with regular liquids such as electrolyte drink mixes, coffee, tea, or even beer without damaging the purifier cartridge. This is a unique upgrade, and one that makes the bottle much more useful on a day-to-day basis.

The new UltraPress Titanium is expected to be available in late Fall 2022 at an MSRP of $200. For more information, go to

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