6 Best Holographic Sight for 2022

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If, like me, you’re a competitive target shooter who also enjoys hunting, you may find that aiming at fast-moving targets is difficult with iron sights due to the delay between the moment you line up your gun on the target and the rounds being launched. 

I like to use a holographic sight as it eliminates that problem and takes the guesswork out of aiming at fast-moving targets. It is a valuable tool for competitive shooters and hunters alike, plus it is essential for helping a sniper’s accuracy. 

Do you want a sight that will take your shooting to the next level? Good holographic sights amplify your ability to aim precisely. Check out why I think these are the best holographic sights on the market.

Quick Recap: Top Holographic Sights for 2022 (AR-15s, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns)

The Top Six Holographic Sights

Holographic sights are a powerful weapon to have in your tactical arsenal. They can increase your weapon’s accuracy across various distances, conditions, and situations. 

If you are looking for an excellent holographic sight to improve your shooting accuracy, it’s time to check them out and decide which one is best for you. Here’s a list of my top six holographic sights worth buying:

EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Weapon Sight w/ G45.STS 5x Magnifier – Best Overall

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This product is a lightweight, high-performance “hybrid” sight that combines the advantages of holographic and red dot technology while at the same time offering substantial battery life. It features a patent-pending reticle, which allows you to switch between 1x to 5x magnification by simply rotating the eyepiece ring on this body’s holographic sight.

EOTech’s G45 5x magnifier is the ideal choice for shooters needing an extra boost in close-range accuracy and distance. It’s compact and lightweight, weighing just 6.5 ounces and featuring a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic that makes it perfect for any shooter. 

It’s compatible with red dot sights on any Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rail, so you can rest assured that it will work with your setup. The EOTech G45 is submersible to 33 feet (10 meters), so it will work in any weather condition you throw at it. 

Its fog-resistant design keeps your sight clear regardless of the weather, and its magnification lets you make the most of the shot—whether you’re going for long-distance or close-range accuracy. This holographic sight becomes an ideal solution for short-range shooters who need an extra boost to see clearly past 100 yards.


  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Fog-resistant internal optics
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • 1 x 123 lithium battery
  • Universal Mount


  • Price tag
  • It’s a bit heavy 

EOTECH 558.A65 Holographic Weapon Sight – Best Seller

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If you’re looking for a high-quality holographic sight that’s easy to use and dependable, the EOTECH 558.A65 Holographic Weapon Sight is one of the best sights on the market. It features night vision compatibility and offers multiple brightness settings, so you can always see your target. 

The sight’s quick-detach lever allows you to easily mount it on various guns, including those with a Picatinny or MIL-STD 1913 rail. The sight even comes with two different mounting base options and two different mounting screws—you can choose between a 1″ Weaver rail mount or a 30mm Picatinny rail mount. Both bases are made of aluminum, so they’re both durable and lightweight.

The holographic sight is designed to be used with two AA batteries, which are included in the package when you purchase this model. The batteries are required to power the electronic reticle in the scope—if you’re using just the holographic image without the crosshair lines, you won’t need them.

The EOTECH 558.A65 Holographic Weapon Sight is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year limited warranty from its manufacturer. This holographic sight can be used for hunting, sport shooting, law enforcement, military, and security applications.


  • Night Vision-Compatible
  • LBC Compatible
  • Operates on two standard AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries
  • Magnifier Compatible
  • Multiple Brightness Settings


Vortex Optics – AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight – Best Seller Under $1,000

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The Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight is a neat, little sight that aims to take the best parts of old-fashioned red dot sights and improve them in a new way. This all-metal holographic sight is equipped with a premium prism glass lens and multiple anti-glare coatings, and it’s made to last. The manufacturer offers an unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty.

This sight is parallax free at 50 yards, which is always a nice feature. Nothing is more annoying than having your reticle off-center because you’re not looking straight through the window. It has unlimited eye relief and is immune from the effects of extreme weather, which is pretty standard for this sort of item.

This sight’s most significant selling point is that it’s compatible with Picatinny and Weaver mounts. That’s a rare find for holographic sights, so you won’t have to spend extra money or time getting the proper attachment for your gun. Many users who’ve left reviews report that this sight works very well, even in low light conditions where many other holographic sights fall short.

Something you may not be aware of, and that certainly surprised me, is that holographic sights are quickly becoming the norm for paintball guns. If this is the sort of thing you like to do in your spare time, the AMG UH-1 Gen II Holographic Sight from Vortex Optics allows you to take advantage of the benefits of a holo sight without having to switch out your current device.


  • Night-vision compatible
  • Mounting type: Weaver/Picatinny rails
  • Parallax Free
  • The lens system is scratch-resistant 
  • Zero image distortion


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Reticle fading around the edges
  • Short battery life

Vortex Micro 3x22mm Magnifier V3XM Finish – Best Seller Under $600

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It’s not just the premium quality of your Vortex red dot sight that makes your hunts so successful. It’s the fact that you’ve got your trusty 3x magnifier by your side, too. The Vortex Micro 3x22mm Magnifier V3XM Finish is a rugged, waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof addition to your accessory collection. This accessory is made from high-quality aluminum and has fully multi-coated lenses for clear views. 

The Vortex Micro 3x22mm Magnifier V3XM Finish has an adjustable flip mount for left- or right-handed use. With its 2.64 inches of eye relief and 38.2 feet field of view, you’ll be able to take in the whole picture whenever you pull the trigger.

This unique optic works with any Vortex red dot sight, meaning you get all the benefits of having multiple optics without switching between them. The Vortex Micro 3x22mm Magnifier V3XM Finish is an excellent choice for hunters who like to stalk their prey from afar and want to get as close as possible.


  • Coating: anti-reflective
  • ‎Adjustable flip mount
  • ‎Unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty
  • ‎Micro 3X Magnifier
  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof


  • Eye relief can be finicky
  • Not a lot of range on the focus dial

Barska Multi-Reticle With 1x Electro Holographic Sight AC11704) – Best Seller Under $300

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The Barska Multi-Reticle with 1x Electro Holographic Sight AC11704 is a versatile sight with many great features. It is fully adjustable and appropriate for various situations, making it an excellent option for hunting or security use. 

Three reticles are available: dot, circle, and crosshairs—this gives you options depending on your personal preferences and intended use. Suppose you experience foggy or rainy days, then no worries – the dedicated knob is easily accessible and lets you adjust the brightness setting without having to take the sight off your gun. 

The package comes with a cloth for cleaning the lens, plus a  battery and instructions for use and mounting. The AC11704 has a built-in Picatinny base that makes it quick and easy to install, and it’s waterproof so that it will hold up well in any weather conditions. The rheostat dial on the side of the sight allows you to adjust the reticle’s brightness to use it in low-light and daylight conditions.

The Barska 1x scope is compatible with most handguns, shotguns, rifles, and crossbows at a very affordable price. Whether a novice or experienced shooter, this sight will benefit you in any situation requiring precision aiming.  


  • Weaver Mount, Picatinny Mount
  • ‎Compatible with a handgun, shotgun, rifle, and crossbow
  • Multi-reticle panoramic sight
  • Four different red and green reticle patterns
  • Rheostat illumination setting


  • Short battery life
  • Heavy and bulky

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight – Best Under $100

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Sightmark’s Ultra Shot M-Spec is a holographic sight that puts you in control of your target acquisition. The anti-reflective coating and lens system are both scratch-resistant on the Sightmark, letting you concentrate on your target and not worry about glare when sighting in your scope. 

The sight’s parallax-corrected optical system lets you achieve quicker target acquisition, while the interchangeable lens covers allow you to adapt your sight to various lighting situations. Night vision brightness modes give you the versatility to use your sight in daylight, darkness, or anywhere in between.

Modeled after military holo sights, the Ultra Shot M-Spec is also highly rugged and durable—it’s made of aluminum. It’s easy to adjust for windage and elevation, too—the internal locking adjustment system allows you to focus on shooting straight instead of fumbling with your sights.

This unit is ideal for hunting grounds, climbing areas, airsoft arenas, and military bases. The manufacturers designed the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight so everyone can use it, from hunters to competitive shooters to law enforcement officers.


  • Optical system: parallax corrected 
  • Night vision brightness modes
  • Interlock internal locking adjustment system
  • Coating: anti-reflective
  • Scratch-resistant lens system


  • Having to use a hexagon tool to adjust
  • Need to hold power to turn

Buying Guide  

Whether you are looking for holographic sights for your pistol, shotgun, rifle, oSMG, or even crossbow, I’ll help you find the perfect one for your needs. This buying guide will cover all these aspects of holographic sights.

Holographic Sight: Budget/Price

The first and most important consideration for any holographic sight is the price—several sights on the market retail for $1,000 or more. If you’re willing to spend this much, then, by all means, read on. 

However, your options become much more limited if you’re looking to spend less. You can get an incredible-looking holographic sight for under $100, but do not consider a holographic sight with a $50 price tag or less. These sights are typically made of plastic and will neither last for long nor work as well as other sights.  

The best holographic sights are made of aluminum or metal and can withstand heavy recoil with little fear of damage. All the sights I’ve mentioned cover a range of budgets, but all offer good-to-exceptional value and quality.

Holographic Sight: Mount Type

The market has three holographic mount types: Picatinny rail, Weaver mount, and Glock/AR-style rail. Holographic sights have gotten a lot of attention lately. Some gun enthusiasts see them as the future of gun sights, while others are more ambivalent about it.   

One of the first things to consider is whether or not you want to get a universal sight that can be mounted on any pistol or rifle, or if you want one specific to your firearm. Universal holographic sights tend to be cheaper than custom-fit sights. They’re also easy to remove and move from one gun to another—if you own multiple firearms, this may be an essential consideration. 

Not only does a universal sight let you switch from one gun to another with ease, but it also allows for greater flexibility in terms of mounting options. The Picatinny rail is the most popular type of universal sight mount because its design is simple, sturdy, and easily adaptable to various firearms. 

It’s also often used on rifles because it’s usually compatible with a wider variety of rifles than other mounts. If you’re considering getting a holographic sight for your pistol, this buying guide will help you choose the right one for your firearm.

Holographic Sight: Battery Power

When buying a holographic sight for your rifle, it’s important to consider battery type. Your choices are lithium batteries or standard alkaline batteries.

Lithium battery life is generally longer than standard alkaline, but they can be more expensive. However, standard alkaline batteries are a little bulkier. Ultimately, it depends on the sight you choose, but I personally prefer a lithium-powered sight. 

Holographic Sight: Warranty Description

Warranty information can give you peace of mind about the durability of your optic. If it comes with a lifetime warranty against defects, that’s an indication that the manufacturer has complete confidence in their product and believes it will last for as long as you own it.

It’s important to consider how long the warranty is on a holographic sight. If it’s good for a lifetime, you can feel good about buying a higher-quality sight for your AR. If the warranty is only for a year or two, you’ll want to consider if you plan on keeping your sights for at least that long or intend to swap/upgrade in the future. 

Holographic Sight:  Reticles


We all know that the human eye has difficulty matching center dots at range; this is why so many red dot sights offer more extensive, more traditional aiming reticles. The real trick is choosing a holographic/reflex sight with the right reticle for your application.

Aiming in the dark requires you to squint and maybe light a torch or laser. You can’t do that in combat because you’ll give away your position. That’s where holographic sights come in. They provide a point of reference when you’re aiming in the dark, so your target won’t have time to react.

Many of the holographic weapon sights I’ve suggested are so versatile they’re used by elite military units worldwide. They allow you to illuminate your target and make aiming easier anytime or at night. 

Holographic Sight: Sport Type

First, decide on your sport or hobby. Are you an airsoft enthusiast? A hunter? Or perhaps you’re a competitive shooter looking to get into action shooting events? Different sports and hobbies require different types of sights. 

For example, it’s unlikely that an airsoft player would benefit from a red dot sight that doesn’t have built-in magnification. Competitors in three-gun competitions won’t want a sight without adjustable windage and elevation settings.

If you need to make adjustments on the fly in competition, you’ll need something with integrated knobs—your target will likely be far away and moving quickly, so the ability to tweak your scope quickly is crucial. And if you’re hunting big game like elk or moose, having your sight mounted high on your rifle will give you a better field of view to see more of your surroundings.

As with any sport, holographic sights have their distinct market niche. If you’re looking to buy one for a rifle, you might be surprised at how many different types of sights there are available to you. A few of the sights I’ve recommended are versatile, although it’s still worth checking what other users say in case the sight’s not as suitable for what you’d like to use it for.

Holographic Sight: Dimension/Weight

Holographic sights are available for various firearms, but particularly rifles, shotguns, and handguns. The best way to determine which is most suitable for your weapon is to take note of its barrel length, magnification level, and weight before selecting. 

For example, if you want to purchase a handgun sight, you will need one with a lightweight design so that it won’t add unnecessary weight to the muzzle of your weapon and reduce its overall performance. 

As for shotguns, you will need one with a shorter length, as shotguns have shorter barrels than rifles. Furthermore, it should be lightweight because it will be mounted on the barrel.

Holographic Sight: Field of View/Eye Relief 

Are you looking for a new scope? An important aspect to consider is the field of view (FOV) and eye relief, and how they work together to determine how much you can see through your sight. For example, if you look through a scope with a large FOV and don’t have enough eye relief, you might have trouble seeing all that’s on sight.

If you have too little eye relief, it can be challenging to sight your target and even dangerous if you try to fire a weapon with iron sights while attempting to look over them. For this reason, an iron sight with poor eye relief is not ideal for home defense or recreational use.

There are many combinations of factors that will contribute to your preferred combination of FOV and eye relief. Will you be using it for home defense? Hunting? Target shooting? The answer to this question will help narrow down which factors are most important to you when deciding on the best setup for your needs.

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I’ve prepared a list of frequently asked questions so you can find your answer quickly and easily. If you want to know more, keep on reading.

Which is better, a red dot or holographic sight?

The benefit of aiming with a holographic sight over a red dot sight is its unlimited eye relief. The shooter doesn’t need to adjust their head position when using this sighting system, making it ideal for those who wear eyeglasses or other types of vision correction equipment. 

How far out is a holographic sight good for?

Holographic sights, which project a circular reticle on your target, are zeroed in at 100 yards. They can work up to 600 yards under the right conditions and give you a quicker, more accurate shot since they allow you to line up faster than dot sights.

Is a reflex better than a holographic sight?

If you’re a fast-paced shooter who needs to get off a quick shot, then a reflex sight is probably the best way to go. A holographic sight may be right for you if you’re more of a precision shooter, maybe looking more toward long-range targets or small movements.


When choosing a holographic sight, it is essential to consider your purchase purpose. The answer to this will determine what features you need and the magnification power that best suits your shooting needs. If you need a scope with a small-to-medium field of view, then the EOTech EXPS3-4 Holographic Weapon Sight w/ G45.STS 5x Magnifier would be your best bet. 

It has a brightness setting of 30, battery life of 1,000 hours, and unlimited eye relief. This holographic sight also offers 1/2 MOA per click increments for windage and elevation adjustments so that you can quickly zero in on your accuracy.

These sights are also a wise investment because they can offer you advanced performance at a low price. Not to mention, they will help you consistently hit your target. 

Overall, a holographic sight is an excellent choice for any shooter—beginner or expert. It comes down to finding the suitable model for your unique needs.

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