Testing our 72 Hr Survival Kits While Camping in Crazy Storm

We like to be prepared and me and my wife both prepared 72 hr emergency survival kits for our family of 5 and we packed our kits up and took them out into the mountains on a camping trip to test them out. We taste tested our MREs and used the shelters and figured out what worked and what did. We really got a full blown test because a crazy lightning and rain storms hits us twice while camping.

If you would like to see our survival food taste test check this out

For a playlist of all our camping and survival videos

Here are links to the items in my 72 hr kits.
First Aid Survival Kit
Dehydrated Meals
Survival Rations
Solar panel back up battery
Satellite phone
Camping Stove
Blast Match Fire Starter
Adhesive Body Warmers

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