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How to Prepare: Gas Storage Tips on Prepper Fuel Journey

How to prepare for ANY gas shortage, such as from War, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, – Recent History shows these things can happen at any time. Tips and Tricks on storing fuel (Gas, Diesel) in a Fuel storage rotation.
Our fuel Odyssey started from a set of dirty gas cans left by the previous owner. Getting the cans fixed, cleaned, vented and labeled in a rotation system. Shows how to methods for adding a vent to a new gas can or diesel can. A sort of gas can odyssey in getting this aspect in place before the ‘balloon goes up’.

You will likely also be interested in our Generator review, discussing some general aspect of a generator, and in particular a dual fuel Champion Generator. Both an unboxing as well as another video showing testing of the generator under various loads and how it performs. Know how to set up your generator and use its optimum.

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