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FOOD SHORTAGES CONFIRMED – 4 Survival Garden Crops You Need NOW.

Everyone knows food shortages are a possibility but do you know how to make a survival garden crop? Here are 7 “non-conspiracy” triggers that could, and most likely will set off food shortages around the world, and the exact survival garden types you should have to survive. With supply shortages, trucker strikes, intense weather, economic collapse looming, the reality of empty shelves is a very real threat. Here’s why you should start preparing for a crisis today. And how to start.

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00:00 Food Shortages Confirmed the Sky is falling
00:24 People are Dying
00:35 Empty Shelves in the US and Canada
01:30 7 Non-Conspiracy Theory Reasons Food Shortages are on the Horizon
04:15 How food is currently delivered to your table
04:38 Food packaging shortages
05:00 Supply chain shortages
06:20 The domino effect to food shortages
07:53 Best Survival Garden Strategies to Prepare for Disaster
12:03 What types of survival crops should you grow
12:07 Calorie Intensive Garden
12:55 Chicken Fodder Garden
13:33 Supplemental Nutrient Garden
14:01 Emotional Boost Garden


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